SOS Brigade Activty Log

02/04/2023 - House of Cards UK season 1 Podcast. I think our podcast went alright considering it was just me and Heraclius. We were supposed to have another guest but life gets in the way sometimes. I liked this TV series but in terms of enjoyment it's just a 7/10. I didn't particularly relate to any of the characters, the female journalist maybe was supposed to be a foil for the audience but I couldn't relate to her. Nor did I feel any pity for her.

It's a thriller so the plot feels like it's on autopilot. I think I went a bit too political on the podcast because there really wasn't much else to say about the TV show itself. It's sort of a neat concept and in the four episodes it doesn't overstay its welcome. It suffered a bit from a lack of an opponent, like a Moriarty for a Sherlock Holmes, so it came off as a bit one-sided. I feel like it would have been a bit more realistic without the political murders, but it needed to escalate.

I just didn't feel any sense of catharsis from this series, even tho it is quite effectively crafted. Francis Urquhart is still the same character he was at the start, it doesn't really change him now that he has murdered someone - tho I hear that this changes in series two and three. If you want to hear more of what I think of this series give our podcast a listen.

31/3/2023 - Yu Yu Hakusho Anime Podcast. I was of the opinion that Yu Yu Hakusho was bad but by the last round of the Dark Tournament I changed my mind. I am not sure if it's correct to call it a prototypical shounen manga, cause I am pretty sure Dragon ball came out before. In this cast it turned out that I did most of the talking. Maybe the enthusiasm was kind of down cause I delayed the cast too much. Hopefully the podcast I'll do tomorrow on House of Cards the UK version will be more enthusiastic. I have also got a new website project in the works so look forward to that!